Temporarily Closed. Sorry for the Inconvience

Ideal Garage Sale is a solution to a problem long left unsolved, what do you do with your unused things? Simply answered you sell them. Maybe you don't have the time or it just isn't garage sale season, or you don't have a garage or yard to have a sale. As a year 'round solution to selling unused items and even better getting great deals just like a garage sale! Maybe you are looking for old books, movies, inexpensive furniture or children's clothes. There is always a wide array of products at great deals and all the prices are negotiable just like a traditional garage sale.

Founded in June of 2013 this was a 10 year dream of Jan Scharnell. Bringing the garage sale atmosphere without the need for long travel and seasonal shopping. Keeping the principles for superior customer service of retail stores and the personal greeting of garage sales we aim to provide a unique buying experience. Our inventory changes frequently and we are work with organizations to make quarterly donations to those in need. Not just a store and shopping experience but a part of the community.

Bring In Your Items

Do you have a bunch of items that you just don't have a use for anymore and no time to sell any of it? Maybe you don't have the space anymore and craigslist is just too much of a hassle. Let us help, we accept a wide variety of items and we can sell them for you.

Maybe you have items that:

  • You need to clean out a storage space
  • Just had your own garage sale and want to get rid of the rest of your items.
  • Your moving and need to move unneeded things.
  • View/print our selling contracts here

    Get Great Deals

    Since we operate like a traditional garage sale you can find used, gently used and sometimes new items at an awesome price. All of the in store prices are negotiable so there is no limit to the treasures you can find at unbeatable prices.

    Our Inventory includes:

  • Children's Clothes
  • Toys and Games
  • House wares and Appliances
  • Books, Movies and CDs
  • Furniture: Couches, Chairs & Tables
  • Automotive Parts and Tools
  • And so much more!
  • Year Round Garage Sale

    Though we are year around we aren't 24/7 . . . . .not yet anyway.

    Our Store Hours are:
    CLOSED: I'm sorry we've had to discontinue our dream temporarily. We will update you as soon as we are reopened.